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Plague Born - LEGION

Weak and Frail, Bones Break

by Necrofiler

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- It is 11 minutes and 11 seconds long to represent me constantly seeing this throughout my life.

- The song is entitled Weak and Frail, Bones Break. This song is about our pollution/corruption taking such an effect that it is killing off our planet, but this was planned all along by some sort of spacial amoebic deity that lives inside of our planet like some sort of shell. Through manipulation of the mind to an extent that we can not understand, it toys us around like some sort of puppets from the beginning of life until we have evolved into some sort of semi intelligent species spewing filth and cancer wherever we walk. When the planet is ripe with pollution it comes forth from its planetoid home and engulfs the planet like a jellyfish transparent in sight except for its organs. It burst nuclear level shockwaves around the planet liquefying everything into oil slowly so that we suffer a very painful misery as it humorously enjoys it all until the very last bit of life is pure black liquid which in turn it consumes in order to start the process all over again. The end of the song you can hear one last victim floating in the liquid black ocean begging for help in a worn lifeless voice. The title represents that we are not as powerful as we think, no matter how much power we have. We can easily be ripped apart like tissue paper, bones snapped like twigs, and wiped out of existence in the blink of an eye.


Help Me


released March 14, 2017
Art by Parasitic Psyche



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